There is Nothing Funny in This Week's News

This week on Dai-Cast we continue our "coverage" of the Japan Earthquake by spewing out our usual style of commentary all over it.

On this show, we've got Jason Hill, Dan Ross, Ian Horner, and Brendan Dery as Beej, with special Japanese correspondent Todd Horner.

In this show we discuss:

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  • Mar 25 2011, 5:11 AM
    Stu responded:
    First of all, I'm glad you're back. I used to love Dai-cast!

    I am actually on my year abroad at Akita International University, but I was in Tokyo when the Quake happened. I was on my spring break and planned to carry on with my travel plans around Japan. Unfortunately my home university in England told me and my classmates (most of whom are studying in Tokyo) to return to the UK.

    I was furious, and still am, for the very reasons you discuss in the show. I hate the fact that I've been forced to leave and now I look like a douchebag like the rest of them.

    There are still a few internationals left at AIU. I'm proud to say that my English friends have satyed put, (well, a couple of them are now in Hong Kong, but that was always their plan) but unfortunately the French and the Germans fled like rats from a sinking ship at the first mention of any radiation.